The Different Types of Saunas

Before buying a sauna to install in your home, you should know the different types of kits that are available so that you can wisely choose the best one that suits your preferences. Each type of kit will have their own set of pros and cons as well as features, benefits and so on.

Budget will also play a role because the price will vary depending on the type of sauna kit that you will purchase.

Traditional Steam Saunas

Traditional steam saunas are very popular and a lot of people would like to have one at home but these can be very expensive. This type of sauna generates steam and this steam heats up the body to simulate the effects of doing some light to moderate exercise.

Traditional saunas can go up to 212° Fahrenheit so you can imagine how hot it can get in one. The steam is produced by heating some type of element and throwing water on it. You will sweat profusely and this will raise your heart rate while your body tries to cool itself down.

They are classified as a wet sauna because the heat generated inside them is moist and humid.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have become very popular for home owners that want to have their own personal sauna at home. These are basically saunas that use infrared light as the heat source. Infrared will not heat up the sauna room entirely, instead, it will penetrate your skin so that your core temperature will rise, causing you to sweat.

A lot of people find that this type of sauna is very relaxing because it is not very hot, it can go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Conversely, some people prefer the traditional sauna style.

This type of sauna is very budget friendly and that's also one of the reasons why it has become popular. For the best infrared sauna reviews, visit

Portable Saunas

Portability is something that can be very valuable to a lot of people, especially those that travel a lot. Portable saunas have been consistently gaining popularity ever since it was first introduced in the market because there are hardly any disadvantages while giving a lot of pros to your typical sauna user.

First, portability, you can bring this anywhere and use it anywhere within reason. It also has a small footprint so if your house does not have the space for a full sauna unit, portable ones are a very good alternative.

Portable saunas are also very cheap compared to full sauna units. Also, you will enjoy all the benefits of a sauna without compromise.

Wood Burning Saunas

Wood burning saunas are also popular among sauna enthusiasts. This type can produce high temperatures while maintaining low humidity inside the sauna room. This is preferred by people that enjoy dry saunas.

If you haven't been to a wood burning sauna before, just imaging a fireplace and how it heats up a room. That is very similar to how it works but instead, the wood burning heater heats up the sauna rocks and these rocks heat up the room. One downside to wood burning saunas is the price of the heater itself. It can cost thousands of dollars just for the heater alone so if you want this type, you better have a lot of money to spare because it will be expensive.

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